Hosting a Conference

About Hosting a Regional Conference

Regional Conferences are the lifeblood of ACDA and the organization depends on its members to both attend and host conferences. Each year a college or university steps forward to host a conference in its region.

Schools with a wide range of facilities have hosted conferences over the years. The size of a conference is set by the host institution and will vary. Successful conferences are hosted not only by schools with multiple studio spaces, but also by schools with limited dedicated dance facilities. Classes often are held in gyms, acting studios, ballrooms and other spaces borrowed from different departments on campus. Conference coordinators are equally creative about finding theater spaces, sometimes booking a theater off campus or converting a space.

ACDA provides constant support and resources to potential and current Conference Coordinators, we are here to help you succeed!

Why Host a Regional Conference?

There are many benefits to bringing ACDA onto your campus.

  • Conferences provide national visibility for your program.
  • You will distinguish your program as one that is regionally and nationally involved in promoting the highest standards of dance.
  • You can develop a network of associates in your region for artistic exchange and mutual support.
  • You can design the conference to fit your spaces and highlight your program.
  • Conferences can and do produce profits for your program.
  • ACDA Institutional Membership is extended for one year for host institution.
  • Guaranteed registration for the host institution at the regional conference in the year prior to hosting.
  • Without conferences in each region, people may be turned away from other conferences due to overcrowding.

Conference hosts receive support and guidance from the ACDA national office and from their Regional Director from the ACDA Board of Directors. The ACDA Conference Handbook provides detailed information and sample forms for all aspects of hosting a conference.

Two important aspects to consider when planning to host are Events and Budgeting. When thinking of hosting a Conference, be aware that there are certain regular events at every conference, however, each Conference Coordinator determines the budget, number of participants and ‘theme’ for the Conference (if any). The National Office, the ACDA Treasurer, and your Regional Director are all here to help you construct a budget and do all of the pre-planning with you.  If you would like more information or would like to talk about the possibility of hosting a Regional Conference at your Institution, please contact Diane DeFries at the National Office [email protected] or your Regional Director listed on the Contact page. If you are ready to commit to hosting, please fill out a Commitment to Host Form and send to the national office.