Dance 2050: The Future of Dance in Higher Education
DANCE2050 is a working group seeking to challenge, encourage and enable the dance community in higher education to play an active, focused and leading role in the changing educational environment. This goal is to work with a vision while remaining flexible to ensure an ongoing and active role for dance, addressing the changes in the field, the institution, and the surrounding world. Dance can do more than survive: it can lead! This Vision Document was the result of gathering, sorting and consolidating information from faculty of higher education across the country in annual meetings 2012-2014. This final document was the distillation of 75 faculty who sifted through three years of information to create this first version of how dance might look by 2050 as it charts pathways for the institution to address ongoing changes of opportunity and challenge. There are three versions of this document:  Full Version (28 pages with great detail), Executive Summary (2 pages) and Outline (1 page).  Please feel free to access and use any version that is  most  appropriate for your audience. Any questions or feedback can be sent to Dr. Luke Kahlich at [email protected].

Link to DANCE2050 Vision Document (all versions)

Choreography in the United States:
A Comparative Study of Training and Support Systems

This report examines the major sources of choreographic training across North America, and compares this support and training to models from Europe for potential application in the US.  It was created in 2012 by Callahan Consulting for the Arts for the Joyce Theater Foundation with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and was updated in 2014.

Link to synopsis of report.
Link to Executive Summary of report.
Link to full report.