What is a Regional Conference?

“The weekend we spent at the conference was pure heaven: taking four dance classes a day, watching at least four hours of performances, getting closer to each other as we relaxed at dinner and in the hotel, preparing for our own performance, and learning so much from the expertise of the dance teachers. I was inspired and impressed by the other dancers and the student choreography.”
Conference Participant

As indicated in the ACDA Mission Statement, Regional Conferences are essential to accomplishing the goals of ACDA; namely, “to support and affirm dance in higher education…to foster creative potential, to honor multiple approaches to scholarly and creative research and activity, to promote excellence in choreography and/or performance…” These goals are met through Conference activities including classes, presentations, adjudication and informal concerts, feedback sessions, and opportunities for faculty and student exchange.

Watch this video from the 2015 Baja Conference to see what happens at an ACDA conference:

ACDA values diversity and has a commitment to serve as a reflection of college/university dance programs and to give value and presence to the various forms, styles, cultural traditions and aesthetic dimensions of dance. Diversity in all of its expressions is celebrated at all Regional Conferences. It is the Association’s expectation that diversity be represented within adjudication and informal concerts, master classes, panel discussions and lectures with opportunities for experiences in traditional, classical and contemporary dance forms that celebrate world culture.

                         ACDFA Mid-Atlantic Photos 2014 day 2-25       ACDFA Mid-Atlantic Photos 2014 day 2-46


  • Classes/workshops
  • Research presentations
  • Adjudication Concerts
  • Feedback Sessions
  • Adjudicator Panel:  introduces the adjudicators to the conference and gives a forum for understanding the adjudicators’ artistic vision, perspective and approach to feedback
  • Informal Concert
  • Gala Concert–at all conferences in National College Dance Festival years.  In years that there is no National Festival, there may or may not be a gala conference.
  • Social events for faculty and students
  • Membership and Regional Planning Meeting
  • Additional events:
    Additional events might include concerts featuring faculty, guest artist companies, works using technology, dance video/film showings, all-conference improv jams

Opportunities for Students

  • perform in adjudication and/or informal concerts
  • present choreography in adjudication and/or informal concerts
  • receive feedback from a panel of adjudicators
  • present research
  • attend master classes, workshops and panels
  • attend concerts
  • meet students from  your region and around the country

Opportunities for Faculty

  • present choreography in adjudication and/or informal concerts
  • receive feedback from a panel of adjudicators
  • present classes
  • present research
  • participate in panels and/or roundtables
  • participate in peer response process
  • meet colleagues from your region and around the country
  • present and perform choreography (in conferences with Faculty Concerts, only)
  • perform in informal concert

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